6 foods you should refrain from eating at night !!

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The US Health website reported that six foods should be taken care of at dinner, as they may cause acidity, heartburn and digestive problems, which in turn will affect the quality of sleep
Dinner is one of the main meals of the day. Therefore, they should not be ignored or replaced with unhealthy foods…
It is necessary to have fewer calories than other meals. The foods we eat late in the day often affect the quality of sleep, digestion, and our physical and mental energy during the next day.

The dilemma is that many people do not choose healthy foods at dinner.
This often leads to weight gain, which in turn causes other health consequences. While it is obvious to eat dinner, what we eat can cause metabolic syndrome and gastrointestinal disorders. To avoid such health problems, it is necessary to know what foods should be avoided at night.
1- It’s best to avoid eating pastries at night, but that does not mean you should not be excluded from your diet because it is an important source of carbohydrates.
Pastries are ideal for lunch, providing the necessary energy for day-to-day activities On the other hand, eating pastries in the evening can cause an uncomfortable feeling, which prevents you from being comfortable. At the same time, high calorie content affects the digestive system and contributes to weight gain.

2-Eating ice cream at dinner or at night is not a healthy option. Eating this type of food full of saturated fat, sugar and food additives often causes weight gain and affects the quality of sleep, regardless of its tasty taste.
Eating ice cream late affects the digestion process, resulting in swelling at the abdominal level, as well as stimulation of the activity of the nervous system.
As a result, the individual gets acidity and high glucose levels. This usually prevents the person from sleeping comfortably.
3- You should avoid eating cheese and dishes that contain large amounts of it before going to bed. Although it is not very harmful, it can cause a feeling of belly weight and sleep problems.


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